Monday, March 8, 2010

Kristina and Greg

Kristina and Greg found us at last years "Wedding Showcase"
Thanks as always to Moments by Kellee for "high caliber shooting"

"Lost in the moment" the new Mr & Mrs seem totally oblivious to everyone else around them
Kristina wanted to mix up the typical fall palette with the addition of Lime, Teal and Black accents

This cake by Julie Stenquist was stunning with its black detailing framed by the windows of the Riter Mansion

A successful wedding, like a successful show, is marked by a great finale. Flutter fetti intiated by hand launchers, hung in the air as if in slow motion. This one caught beautifully by MBK


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With every wedding gig I get to do, I like to throw them a music video. So if you want to hire me for your wedding, this is what you get in stored for you.

Anonymous said...

The confetti is cool!

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