Monday, April 12, 2010

Kenzie and Kalob

McKenzie was the perfect bride for her color scheme... red, pink, black and BLING!!!

Chillin' with her man on the stairs, Alana Lange captured these awesome images of our happy couple

Thank you Kalob for being man enough to wear pink for us:) Quite frankly we thought you looked stunning with your Ranunculas, and Ostrich Boutonniere:)

These ever so chic pomander balls were perfect for giving the girls a touch of Bling!

Love this pic Alana!!! You certainly know how to get the shots!

Are we hot... or are we hot!!!

The staircase at the Castle Manor made for a grand entrance for this
"in the round" ceremony.

The wedding party circled around this petal design, keeping it perfect until the bride and groom stepped into it, ready to make their vows.

Relaxing on one of our black leather lounge areas... fast becoming the new look in wedding seating. Such a sophisticated yet practical way to add decor to your venue.

Kenzie's bouquet was comprised of 7 different varieties of Roses including the ever popular Garden Roses, bi-colored Yves Piagets, and Vogue roses which we actually chose for their uncanny ability to turn black along the edges...

Keeping up with the Jones' with these personalized sodas

So that's why they call it the "Bridal Party"

Pretty maids all in a row

I believe this "Catch of the Day" actually worked:)

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