Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Lindsey and Aaron

We feel so lucky to be on the Dream Team for this ridiculously stunning couple... Some people might think that living in a small town you get small vendors but I just want to say that the only thing smaller about Logan vendors compared to the big city guys, is the number you write out at the end of the day:) Don't you just LOVE living in Logan!!!

Moments By Kellee is one of the most sought after photographers in the valley
and it's easy to see why from this beautiful formal shoot

When Lindsey described her color scheme and style to us, we were estatic. Lots of Ivory White with hints of Soft Pink Blush and Black accents to compliment her
European Elegance inspired wedding.

In case you can't tell, we are mad about stripes lately. There's something so incredibly tres chic about black and white striped ribbon. Look around in the wedding world... you'll see it popping up everywhere!

Her flawless look and gorgeous tresses are the result of
fabulous Hair and Make-Up artist Carrie Purser

Thank you so much Kellee for sharing these beautiful images with us.
See you at the wedding!
There's something so delectible about these sensational shoes
Just a few close-ups...

In this fast paced age of Jets and Fedex it's not so unusual to be able to get flowers from all over the world... but there's nothing quite as perfect as getting flowers a bit closer to home when they are in the peak of their season. Kind of like getting fresh seafood when on the coast:)

Peonies have been fabulous this season along with Garden Roses, White Lilacs, Lily of the Valley, Tulips, and Ranunculas... so papery... so delicate.

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Cascio Photography said...

These formals were gorgeous!!! Well done ladies!! Kellee, you're amazing! Carrie.. her hair and makeup are stunning! and Vicki, I know you hate doing these things alone, but I am sooooo glad you decided to be in on this wedding!! Your talent is undeniable! :) Love them!!!

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