Saturday, June 5, 2010

Lou and Phil

Interestingly enough Lou grew up just up the road from us on the corner and have been good friends for years. When it was broadcasted around the neighbourhood that "Lou had met the love-of-her-life" the new boy that just moved in down the road from us on the corner, Hailey was pleasantly surprised to find out that it was the same boy she had met while living on Maui a few years earlier. What a small world we live in:)
Such a perfect match:)

Lou is an amazing artist and knew exactly what she wanted... a vibrant mix of of papery flowers like Sweet Pea, Anemones and Ranunculas mixed with the more tropical Orchids, Callas and Gloriosa Lilies. Then insert lots of greens!

If you look closely can you tell what's missing from this boutonniere?

Now if you know us... and I think you do... you would know that right at the top of that protruding stem would have been a perfect little Fern Curl... and believe me for the first 5 mins of their "coming out", it was there. I saw it... Hailey saw it... and then the hugging started... as you do... Little nephew entered stage left. Phil picks up little nephew. I say to Hailey... "I don't think that's going to last". She says " There it goes".

Special thanks to the fabulous Dani Galbraith Lamb for sharing her beautiful Photography.


Cascio Photography said...

Thats too bad about his boutonniere! I love those curly things :) but still the colors and the combination of the flower are perfect! great job :)

Lou said...

Wow! This is wonderful, I didn't see it until just today. This is such a gorgeous collection of your events. As a side note, I like having your website open strictly to get the lovely tunes you've selected too...
Love you guys. I loved, loved, loved my flowers, and save the one fern curl it was nothing short of perfection. Bravo Vicki and Hailey.

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