Friday, November 19, 2010

Keri and Randy

For the last couple of years here at Ella Bella, Hailey and I have been living our dream, so to speak. No matter where we go... when asked what we do for a living the reaction is often attached to the word "Lucky". Lucky to be in the Wedding industry.... lucky to play with beautiful flowers... lucky to be a part of the most special day of somebodies life. Well... call it what you may... we are grateful!!! Thank you...thank you!!!
Keri and Randy were the cute couple lucky to catch our "bouquet toss" at the 2010 Spring Wedding Showcase good for a free bouquet for their formal shoot.

It's happened more times than we care to remember but nothing is quite so frustrating than to realize that even though we packed the flowers... the candles... the lighters.... the extra pins, tape, wire, ribbon and safety pin for the mother-of-the-groom's drooping hem, we have once again forgotten the CAMERA!!! Thankfully we are so very lucky to work with amazing photographers (check out the sidebar) whom we love and appreciate so much. They take our work to a new level as they zoom, click, shoot and focus all the fabulous details that you and we have been stewing on for the months prior to the big day. For you, and us, that day disappears in a flash and without a great photographer, all those things you spent your hard earned money on are gone... just like that. It is on film that you get to relive that joyous moment... the day you changed your life for the rest of your life. Get a good photographer... you wont regret it. Nobody ever says "I wish we hadn't spent so much on these fabulous photos".
We are grateful to all the the wonderful wedding vendors we get to work with! Thank you guys!

These vibrant details brought to you by the amazing Brittany Cascio of Cascio Photography
Thanks Britt for always being willing to share your beautiful images with us!

What would a blog be without readers... yes that's YOU! Thank you for taking the time to stop by and acknowledging us with your "shot in the arm" comments. Many of you are fellow vendors and know the value of finding those little messages of encouragement. You make our day:)

People often ask us about what it's like working with the "Bridezillas". In all honesty we've never actually seen one in action. The opposite is probably more the case. We are usually more impressed with how kind and considerate the Brides and their Mom's are to each other. It's been a pleasure for us to see that respect is alive and well here in the great state of Utah and we are so grateful to have been able to work with all our amazing couples.

On that note we must say how grateful we are for the great "institution of marriage". Yes it keeps us all in business:) ... but for me personally it is where it all began. Here is my list of things I am grateful for~
My kind amazingly patient husband Doug... thank you for 31 great years
My three handsome sons, Jesse, Carson and Matt ... I'm so proud of who you are
My two beautiful daughters, Dolly and Hailey... you are both such incredible human beings
My oh so wonderful son and daughter-in-laws, Jeff, Jamie, Kyrell and Matt... I consider you my own and lucky to have you each in our family
My "melt your heart" grandchildren... Dylan, McKenzie, Addie, Ethan, Sahara, Livy, Mason, and the soon to be ? (Gracie Noelle) ... the sun shines out of you... and you know how I love sunshine:)
My parents... who gave me life and the key to happiness
My one and only sister Susie and her family... always there for me... thanks for your footsteps!
My in-laws and extended family... all of them... near and far... such good people.
True friends... you know who you are:)
Above all I am grateful for my Heavenly Father and His son Jesus Christ who gave me everything!
Happy thanksgiving everyone... Love you all to pieces!!!


Women Entrepreneurs said...

WOW! Those colors are amazing. Seriously, wonderful job!

Cascio Photography said...

Thanks again for featuring me on here!!! its always a pleasure working with you guys!! your talent is beyond belief!! :) Love ya!

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