Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Kizna and Alex

Meet Kizna and Alex... one of the nicest couples!
These two "Love Birds" really know how to fly!

They chose dark red and soft yellow for their "Asian meets Amelia Earhart" wedding.

The USU hanger was the perfect venue for their flight themed reception

Peter Loves Jane designed the signage for the event including a fabulous winged insignia for their ticket counter, a great place for the guests to sign in!

Love quotes... perfect for the theme:)

Love how all the labels were stamped with their personal logo

The Asian inspired centerpieces all included a wooden vintage biplane in full flight.

Getting the planes to fly turned out to be quite the team effort.
Thanks Mary, Doug, Alex and Blake:)

Mary is also responsible for making these fantastic personalized banners.
Thanks Mary.... and Dolly:)

Party lights were rented from Embellish the Moment

Love these beautiful runway shots, Cascio signatures for sure!

"Come Fly With Me"

Oh... did I forget to mention that Kizna and Alex are both flight instructors for USU

Best getaway ever!!!

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Calie Rose said...

I think this was the wedding you had told me about...I remember the color tones and airport hanger theme. Wow! Asian meets Amelia Earheart could be a little hard to design but you did a perfect job! I love the bride's bouquet...the varieties of flowers used are beautiful! Looked like a blast!

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