Sunday, August 29, 2010

"Holiday in Spain"

It's about time I share a bit of the gorgeous inspiration I found while on holiday in Europe!
When in Rome... and in Florence...

Eat lots and lots of Gelato!

Enjoying the Tuscan Sun surrounded by gorgeous vineyards! Anyone up for growing one of these in Logan? Oh how I would love you!

Driving along the Italian Riviera we passed along Cinqua Terra. These towns are full of gorgeous melon colored buildings with rolling hills of vineyards. Did I mention the deep blue ocean on the otherside? You can't get much better than this!

Can you believe this bougainvillea? No words can describe how beautiful this was...absolutely breathtaking!

They grow everything here... from palm trees to evergreens to cactus! Did I forget to mention all the flowers in between?



Flower markets in Nice along the French Riviera... and look at that awesome black and white stripe. Who's ready for a full on French wedding? Oooo I am!

I wish I could go bake something with all this beautiful fresh produce.

Celosia at its best

We had plans of going to a bull fight in Lardero... but we past a wedding in session on our way. We couldn't just walk on by and miss out on all the fun!
Yes... that would be plastic wrap around those light poles. They were saving balloons to throw at the couple as they walked out but they kept popping on the ground... so they got creative.

Now that's some good flutter fetti! Fireworks and all! Awesome exit... I got the chills!

It's only fitting to see the world cup finals going on in the background.

This church is in the main plaza where we spent a lot of our time in Spain.

I never really understood what "tapas" were until I experienced Calle Laurel; a little street lined with tiny 'hole in the wall' restraunts, full of music, people and lots of good food!
Honey Pork Brochettes

Chicken Guacamole brochettes with fleur de sal.
They ALWAYS put corse salt on tapas.

Grilled Mushrooms

Peaches, dark chocolate ganache and hazelnuts

Lavender by the Masses! So beautiful, I was ready to pick some and bring it home.


This shop makes the BEST MACARON's in the world! Ask me if I'm excited!

Seriously... I'm in HEAVEN!!!

I'll be keeping this little black box too

Look at all the beautiful colors!Orange blossom, Licorice, Raspberry, SALTED CARAMEL, chocolate, BLACK CURRANT, Pistachio and coconut... just to name a few!

We went to this awesome chocolate museum in Paris. We learnt how to make it from the cocoa bean. These flower sculptures are made entirely out of chocolate.

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