Friday, May 20, 2011

Bliss Wedding Blog Shoot

There’s definitely something about the color pink that is innately feminine. We’ve loved it from the time we were little girls… and even though we may rebel against it once in a while we find another way to acceptably “hue” it back into our circle of trust by giving it new names like, Raspberry, Fuchsia, Crimson, Rose, Watermelon, and even “Pantone’s 2011 color of the year… Honeysuckle Pink”. It can be as soft as a baby girl’s booties or some just like to call it “Hot”. However you like to take your pink, “Shell” or “Shocking”, there’s one thing that’s been clinically proven… Pink just makes us happy. So with that knowledge securely in tact, pull up a chair and come smile a while with us as we drool over these dreamy images by the very talented Brittany of Cascio Photography :)

One of the easiest ways to design a wedding is to start with an inspiration board…. a gathering of magazine tears or online images that you compile into a storyboard collage. This particular board started with the color pink… raspberry pink to be exact. Next came the secondary color in the form of this aquamarine lantern found at Z Gallerie. Both of these could be considered rather strong and bold colors so the challenge was to not over power the room with too much of a good thing.

Seeing this wedding would be more of a party styled event rather than a traditional line reception, there was no need for a focal backdrop so we chose to make the food area our focus. With an Amy Atlas styled approach the cake became the centerpiece of the table. Becky Mendoza of “Sweet On You Cake Shop” nailed the look with this two tiered simple design in the palest shade of pink and ivory then flanked it with two smaller ruffled cakes on their own stands.

I've yet to taste a macaron better than Hailey's...

these were delicate, moist and chewy all in one bite:)

Lamingtons!!! A nod to our down under heritage. Kiwi and Aussie readers will appreciate what I am talking about... let us know if you love them too:)

Guaranteed to be the hit of the party, simply made Ice Cream Soda’s become super chic when served in old-fashioned soda glasses and sipped ever so slightly through vintage striped straws.

For the veteran waitress, grabbing an armful of overflowing plastic drinking cups may be a no sweat event, but you might consider making it a little easier on your guests with this grab and go idea of tableside beverage bottles. Easily refilled from a chilled container in the kitchen, these pink lemonade bottles were not only convenient but pretty darn cute… don’t you think!

Although the tedious process maybe somewhat time consuming you’ll always get extra points for hanging points of interest from the ceiling. These pretty umbrella rentals from “Peter Loves Jane” created a glowing ambiance over the fireplace. Single stemmed flowers in a collection of glass bottles were displayed in gradient fashion across the Riter Mansion mantelpiece.

to choose a layout: Let’s see… we need to seat 64 people at any given time. That’s 8 round tables of 8 people, right! Well that’s ok but if you can think outside the circle… it could also be 2 rectangles of 12, 4 rounds of 6, 2 rounds of 4, plus 2 squares of 4.

Add a lounge area and you’ve gone way past breaking the mold and your guests will thank you for inviting them to the loveliest reception they’ve ever been too. Nothing quite says “inviting” like a cozy conversation area smack dab in the middle of your social soiree.

Signage is fast becoming a must for today’s weddings… it gives a couple an opportunity to not only personalize their event but is a great way to communicate. The signage and stationary elements of this shoot designed by “Peter Loves Jane” established a cohesive style to the reception. The use of prints, colors and fonts are an amazing medium to convey an impression… a thought or feeling

Thank You !!!

We get to work with some of OUR most favorite people.

Nikkol of Bliss Wedding Blog and Bliss Magazine

Peter Loves Jane Invitations and Graphic Design

Brittany of Cascio Photography

Marcie of Marcie Taylor Events

Becky of Sweet on You Bake Shop

Arlette and John of The Riter Mansion

Thanks also to our wonderful readers...we hope we made you happy:)


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Love the look of your new blog!
Your shoot is definitely a beauty, and sure to be a trend setter!

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LOVE this wedding- I keep looking at it for inspiration for my redecorating plans :) Excellent job!

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Very informative! I learn a new thing every day. Hope for more. Will be coming for more Florist in Manhattan.

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