Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Katelynn and Tyler

Katelynn's first "love" was figure skating and long before she and Tyler became an item, she confided in a friend that she thought it would be really cool if someday, "someone" would propose to her on the ice. As fate would have it Tyler was that "someone".

Brittany of Cascio Photography is an amazing photographer with an eye for detail. Thanks to her Katelynn and Tyler will have many great memories of all the special touches from their wedding day.

Katelynn wanted a dramatic yellow and black palette for her wedding

Lot's of bling to make a statement!!

This simple modern and very chic structure was the perfect backdrop to the bold colors. Thanks to my incredibly clever husband who will whip out whatever I can draw up, in next to no time:)

Individual yellow orchid blooms played against the crystal curtain.

These arrangements looked so striking as they flanked the curved staircase at Castle Manor, creating a dramatic entry for Katelynn.

A heavy band of rose petals lined the stunning aisleway.
These 4 images compliments of Tiara... the groom's sister)

These aisle arrangements would later become the reception centerpieces... maximizing the use of the flowers while minimizing the budget.

Can't say enough about the ever popular use of lounge areas to help your guests feel welcomed. Not only do they create interest to the room but they bring an inviting atmosphere that will leave friends and family with a lasting impression.

We can't stress enough about making sure you schedule enough time for pictures on your wedding day. Cascio Photography was able to capture all these images before the onslaught of guests. Once they arrive it makes it very difficult for the photographer to record all the details that you have been slaving over for the past few months. The day comes and goes so quickly, but having it captured on film is the way you get to keep everything! Thank you Brittany:)

Working with Bliss vendors provides a client with a teamwork of specialists all working together for a cohesive look that flows. Marcie Taylor Events does an excellent job of making sure that everything is above standard. We love the way she tied these yellow sashes to her black chairs bringing in a modern twist.

These Damask linens make a bold statement against the white with black tied cocktail tables. All provided by Marcie Taylor Events.

This was one fabulous candy bar. Katelynn's Mom went to great lengths to find the perfect containers and candies to create this fabulous display.

Hailey's signature Macaron's

It's all about presentation... perfect placement Dolly and Kyrell:)

Cute cupcakes by Julie Stenquist:) Adding the damask wrappers made all the difference!

Loved these Abba-Zabba's which fit perfectly into the color scheme and happened to be Katelynn's favorite candy

Tyler's favorites!

The toss bouquet

Hamilton's catered a delicious luncheon at the restaurant (which we can attest to... thank you Kris :)) and then brought over these wonderful cheesecakes served with your choice of additional toppings for the reception. We love working with Hamilton's... their food is always fabulous and their staff are professional and great to work with!

One of the great privileges we enjoy at Ella Bella are the people we meet along the way. Being able to be a part of this most important day in such a personal way has been a huge part of why we love what we do. Thank you Katelynn and Kris for allowing us to be a part of your celebration... it was an awesome day:)


Calie Rose said...

Absolutely stunning! I adore that you used three different varieties of orchids, the backdrop especially built for the couple with your signature touches, the bold colors, and those pina colada macarons! Very nice work, as always:)

Ella Bella Floral said...

Thanks for noticing Calie... really appreciate it:)

Megan D. said...

Oh my! This is gorgeous! I love the feathers and I love how you grouped things together - really great job!

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful day this was!!! Vickie and Haley did a marvelous job and they are so good at adding the special touches with the elegance and beauty. Thanks for the wonderful day and all the memories. You are two wonderful and talented ladies to work with!!!

Anonymous said...

WOW!!!! Vicki & hailey... that is so adorable!! you two did alot for me and it all was so wonderful. this blog is well done.. I couldnt get threw reading it with out crying. you two are amazing ladies. cant EVER thank you two enough And Brittany.. your photos are absolutely stunning!! If i could get a copy of them i would love that. thanks for your work and special touch. thanks again, katelynn & tyler Nielsen

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