Monday, July 18, 2011

Vintage Violet

Nothing excites like finding an extraordinary specimen. This particular bunch of Nigella (sometimes referred to as "Love in the Mist") caught my eye for this very bloom. As perfect as I've ever seen, the rest of the bunch was pretty straggly but worth it for just one gorgeous blossom. It echoed the gorgeous bride Shea. She is a rare and exquisite bloom ... lovely in every way.

Thanks to Stacey Richards Photography for these two beautiful images of Shea's bouquet.

Vintage becomes more meaningful when heirloom pieces like this brooch are passed down from those who love us.

Next three images courtesy of Stacey Richards Photography

Thinking of you Shea...


Jamie Younker said...


Janet said...

That bouquet is a show-stopper. Love it.

Calie Rose said...


I must say the same! I love how you used Sarracenia and Nigella-it's a beautiful and unique combination! I love the use of vintage brooches, especially those that are passed down to brides, they add a very nice touch. The signature use of feathers through out the bridal party flowers gives a chic flair. Looking forward to your Park City Wedding Pics (And all of your others:))! I have one next month at Waldorf Astoria-biggest yet!


Calie Rose

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